Download of SgfSaver, screen saver for Windows

SgfSaver cannot be download at this moment.

SgfSaver is a screensaver for Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP...), that displays Go (Baduk, Weiqi) games or diagrams.

To install it, click on the above link, and uncompress the downloaded file. Then, just copy SgfSaver.scr, SgfSaeng.cnt, SgfSafra.cnt, SgfSaeng.hlp, SgfSafra.hlp and SgfSaver.sgf  in the Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS).

SgfSaver.scr is the screensaver itself. SgfSaeng.cnt and SgfSaeng.hlp contain an english version of the help. SgfSafra.cnt and SgfSafra.hlp contain a french version of the help. SgfSaver.sgf is an example of SGF file that SgfSaver.scr uses if you didn't add any SGF files in its SGF file list.

If you don't know where is the Windows directory on your computer, run a command prompt, then enter the command echo %windir%. This command returns the path of the Windows directory on your computer.

To make SgfSaver the active screensaver, select "Display" in "Control Panel" (using "Parameters" in the "Start" menu). Select the "ScreenSaver" tab, and then select "SgfSaver" in the screensaver list. You can also do a right click on the SgfSaver.scr icon, and then select the "Install" menu.

To modify SgfSaver configuration, select "Display" in "Control Panel" (using "Parameters" in the "Start" menu). Select the "ScreenSaver" tab, and then click on the "Settings" button. The "Sgfsaver Configuration" dialog is then displayed. Modify any options then click on "OK".

SgfSaver can displays any SGF files that represent Go games or diagrams (just add the files to the file list of SgfSaver using the "Sgfsaver Configuration" dialog). SGF files can be easily found on Internet.

SgfSaver is free. But you cannot distribute it without our permission.